The most advanced remote lighting management system for controlling, monitoring and analysing streetlights in a user-friendly way.

Protect your investment

Open. Interoperable. Resilient.

Futureproof your infrastructure and avoid lock-in situations. Schréder EXEDRA relies on open standards and protocols to interact seamlessly with third-party software and hardware solutions. Today and tomorrow.

Schréder EXEDRA brings new opportunities to deliver social, environmental and economic advantages for communities while providing strong operational and financial benefits for cities.

Nicholas Church
Global Business Development Manager - Smart Cities for Schreder

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Instant asset creation

Geolocate. Import. Display. All effortless.

An intelligent automated commissioning process recognises, verifies and retrieves luminaire data into the user interface. Plug and play. Easy as pie.

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Customisable interface

Create your dashboard for smart device management, real-time and scheduled control, dynamic and automated lighting scenarios, maintenance and field operation planning, energy consumption management and third-party connected hardware integration. Use the powerful automation engine to create routine actions and generate alerts. You are in complete control.

Big data converted in actionable insights

Clarity to drive decisions. The Schréder EXEDRA platform collects massive amounts of data from end devices and, aggregates, analyses and intuitively displays them to help users take the right actions.

Open wireless communication networks for smart cities and utilities

Global smart city protocol

Full interoperability of luminaires, sensors and communication nodes

Open, flexible and secure cloud computing services

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