Industry 2

Each industry has its own specific lighting constraints that it needs to respect to guarantee operational efficiency and the safety of its employees. The food industry, for example, needs luminaires that can be thoroughly disinfected with aggressive detergents and also support large changes in temperature, since they may be used in cold stores or hot kitchens. The timber, paper and textile industry need fire resistant luminaires while metallurgical lines need lighting solutions that resistant high ambient temperatures (up to 70°C).

For all of these industries, Schréder can deliver a dedicated system to:

  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Optimise productivity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Provide a quick payback
Your Business

Enhance operations with energy-efficient lighting that cuts operating costs without compromising on the quality of your working environments

Your Team

Boost productivity and increase employee retention thanks to safe and comfortable work environments that meet their needs

Your Investment

Maximise ROI with up to 80% energy savings! The long-life of our solutions also means less risks, less maintenance and less disruption

Your Environment

Build a sustainable future with next-generation technology that reduces costs, lowers carbon footprint and increases property value

Your Experience

Save time and minimise costs by relying on one-stop solution provider to manage your indoor and outdoor lighting from A to Z

Legislative regulations are increasingly stringent in many industries. Companies in food distribution must comply to safety standards such as the BRC Global Standard or the International Food Standard (IFS). Our luminaires are HACCP-compliant and deliver the high CRI that these standards demand so employees can easily spot any potential deficiencies in food that could provoke health scares and lead to costly recalls.

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