It’s your business

Enhanced operations ensuring that our designs and products are balanced throughout the operational needs of the workspaces, from the carpark to office and factory.

It’s your team

We optimise safety and productivity as we understand that Colour temperature and CRI play a significant role in improving the experience and productivity within the workplace, as well as minimising accidents and improving productivity. 

It’s your investment

With structured ROI plans, you are able to ensure optimal payback periods with over 60% energy benefits plus the ability to incorporate our sensors and control solutions to reduce energy consumption even further. All of our products are designed to operate over longer periods with reduced maintenance costs. 

It’s your experience

Schréder is your full-service partner, we provide a full design to install and commissioning service minimising your costs and ensuring efficient project management. Transform your lighting into a strategic asset and create an optimised working environment for you and your business. 

It’s your environment

What was once seen as a simple light source now brings entirely new meaning to building operations. More than a simple light source we use our digital technology to bring workspaces to a new level.